Dinner & Cocktail Parties in Toronto

Toronto Cocktail Party

We Create Memorable Toronto Social Events


Dinner Party: A Special Night

Looking for something special for your special someone? Or are you looking to celebrate good news with your friends and family? A dinner party in the privacy of your own home  is a unique and special event that your loved ones will talk about for years.

Toronto Dinner Party Package

  • Personal Chef will use your kitchen to prepare a pre-approved meal. Our Chef will bring all the materials needed to prepare your chosen dish
  • Waitstaff will serve you and your guests
  • Florals and Décor are provided to adorn your table
  • Staff will set up and will stay to clean at the end of the night


Martini Parties: Everyone has a Favourite Martini!

The Martini has never gone out of style. Whether in the hands of the girls of Sex and the City or present with your friends at the lounge, the classic Martini is always welcome.

Sample Martini Party Package

  • Four-Martini Menu including our famous Lemon Drop, Lychee and Crantini Martinis
  • A special Personalized Martini can also be created
  • Barstaff to serve the Martinis
  • Portable Bar Rental
  • Classic Martini Glasses and Martini Shaker Rentals

A Casino Party can also be added to make your Toronto Martini Party extra special.

Stress-free, Seamless, Spectacular!